Best Shisha Flavour Combinations 2018


Best Shisha Flavour Combinations

Best Shisha Flavour Combinations 2018

Habibi, we’ve updated the best shisha flavour combinations that are available at majority of the shisha lounges. We look at flavours that are top sellers at shisha lounges up and down the country.

We always find it fun to experiment with new and old flavours, but when you just want a flavour that bangs, our best shisha flavour combinations list is here for you to try 😉

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The Best Shisha Flavour Combinations 2018

Apple + Mint
Apple + Mint + Grape
Blue Mist + Pink Lemonade
Double Apple – Straight
Frozen Apple + Cranberry
Frozen Apple + Frozen Blueberry
Frozen Apple + Raspberry
Frozen Blueberry + Blueberry Muffin + Blue Mist
Frozen Blueberry + Raspberry
Frozen Pineapple + Coconut + Vanilla
Grape + Mint
Irn Bru – Straight
Irn Bru + Fanta Fruit Twist
Irn Bru + Frozen Blueberry
Irn Bru + Frozen Raspberry
Irn Bru + Orange + Mint
Irn Bru + Pink Lemonade
Irn Bru + White gummy Bear + Blueberry Muffin
Kiwi + Peach + Mint
Kiwi + Pomegranate + Mint
Lemon + Gum + Mint
Orange + Grape + Mint
Paan + Mint
Paan + Raspberry
Peach + Vanilla + Mint
Pomegranate + Mint + Grape
Skittles + Fanta Fruit Twist
Skittles + Pink Lemonade

We’ll be updating the best shisha flavour combinations list with more popular flavours. So bookmark this page and make sure to keep checking back for new flavours submitted by users and lounges.

Whilst new flavours have come to the market, the classic flavours are still holding out strong. Mix them with some new flavours and you could be on to something special, taste wise. Be sure to share your mixes with us by getting in touch here. Sharing is caring as they say ?.

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