Our Story



I love shisha.. no seriously… I do.. I LOOOVVEE shisha..

15 years ago if I wanted to enjoy some shisha I would have had to travel to Edgware Road in London.

That was an inconvenience!

So I searched and searched on the Googly for a shisha bar directory and I found… Nada – لا شيئ – Mafish – Nothing!

I then travelled across London to various lounges suggested by people on BBM (Yeh that’s how long ago I’m talking about) – Shoutout to all that know about BBM – you oldies! Get at me on snapchat @shishaspot ;p

It was these people who helped me build/shape Shishaspot.com in the early stages.

Now our team is growing and we’ve been around since 2010! Oldest guide and it’s thanks to you our users who keep coming back to find more shisha lounges we add all over the UK, Paris & Dubai!

Not only are we the oldest but we are the largest and most up to date directory of shisha lounges in the UK. We love working with Shisha establishments across the country to promote their lounges and events.

But I’ll tell you what the real fun part to doing all of this is.. It’s knowing we have helped a group of friends discover a new shisha place that’s different from their local one! That’s why we are trusted by over 30,000 users a month.