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The Sheikh has over 15 years of experience in the shisha industry. Opinionated, but loves giving honest and useful insights on what is happening in the shisha industry.

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Best Shisha Flavour Combinations 2018

Habibi, we’ve updated the best shisha flavour combinations that are available at majority of the shisha lounges. We look at flavours that are top sellers at shisha lounges up and down the country. We always find it fun to experiment with new and old flavours, but when you just want a flavour that bangs, our […]

Best Shisha Lounges in London 2018

We often get asked “What are the best shisha lounges in London?” or “Can you recommend the best shisha places in London?”. These questions not only come from people visiting London but even from people living in London! So we thought we’ll give a quick break down on some of the best shisha lounges in […]

Shisha Spots in Europe

How many times have you been away on holiday and just wanted a shisha? Well.. below are some main destinations in Europe, so if you’re visiting them, rest assure we’ll help you find Shisha Spots in Europe 🙂 Shisha Spots in Europe’s Popular Capital Cities Amsterdam (Netherlands) Shisha Spot Name: Wonder Lounge Address: Nieuwedndijk 11 […]