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By Sheikh Ali
#ShishaSitDown with Aroma

#ShishaSitDown Episode 4! We caught up with the Aroma team (Shahid, Sofiyaan, Razwan & Nabil). Based in South London, Aroma Shisha lounge prides itself on quality shisha and tasty Mocktails!

#ShishaSitDown with Aroma Shisha Lounge in Purley South London

Q&A with Team Aroma:

#ShishaSitDown with Aroma Shisha Lounge in Purley South London

1. What’s your story?

A few years ago, Nabil and I owned cafe indulge in Croydon. We wanted to offer something for the local community and a reason to stay in the Croydon area, we had the expertise but were still in search for better equipment. That’s where Xquisite Smoke come in, we met with Shahid and Razwan a few times to try and test products, soon that relationship grew beyond business and in September of 2015 Cafe Indulge closed due to unforeseen circumstances.

This brought the four of us very close and at this point evenings were dedicated to sitting in Sof’s garage smoking shisha and playing monopoly. We had to resort to this as there was simply nowhere that hit the spot. We wanted to share our ‘experience’ with other people but weren’t successful in finding a suitable location.

A little while later the opportunity of acquiring Aroma came about and for us it was a chance we could not turn down. The four of us came together, became a family and took the challenge of Aroma into our stride. Here we are now nearly a year later and we wouldn’t change it for the world!

- Sofiyaan Khamisa

2. What makes you different from other Shisha Spots?

Shisha is an Art, it requires love, passion and determination to bring that art to life, making it an enigmatic experience. We prepare every shisha with that passion in mind.

Between us we have 25 years experience, partnered with best equipment on the market (courtesy of Xquisite Smoke), making us a gem in the world of shisha.

Aside from this, our lebanese food is always complimented on highly and our lamb cutlets are our best seller, with comments such as ‘its the best we have ever tasted’

We will continue to improve in areas based on customer feedback, the key will always be to listen to them and apply the simple business rule: ‘the customer is always right’ we encourage everyone to visit Aroma and we promise at the very least an amazing Shisha Experience

- Shahid Qaisar

3. Currently, what’s your favourite shisha flavour combination?

Grape and mint… Every shisha lounge is determined by how well they can make a traditional shisha. As easy as it sounds it really isn’t!

- Razwan Iqbal

4. What’s in the pipe-line?

Continue to provide excellent service making the customer experience seamless. Expand our 70+ flavour range to introduce more mouth watering mixes, keep growing our loyal following and customer base. Giving our lovely customers more of a variety on our food, desserts and drinks.

We’ve got a few concepts to grow the existing business but thats yet to be revealed. Not to mention our refurbishment plans coming very soon to make it even more comfortable and appealing for everyone.

- Nabil Ibrahim

5. Apart from your own lounge, is there another you would recommend our followers to visit?

Al Jumeirah in Leicester, great people, great service and very good shisha.

#ShishaSitDown with Aroma Shisha Lounge in Purley South London

Thanks to Team Aroma for taking part in #ShishaSitDown and be sure to checkout Aroma Shisha Lounge in south LondonA Shisha Spot Approved Lounge. Click here to go to their Shisha Spot page.

If you would like to take part in a #ShishaSitDown then drop us a message on Instagram: @ShishaSpot

Until the next #ShishaSitDown smooth smoking peeps!


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