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By Sheikh Ali
Shisha Spots in Europe

Never miss a shisha sessions with this post! Find out about Shisha Spots in Europe’s popular capital cities. How many times have you been away on holiday and just wanted a shisha? Well.. below are some main destinations in Europe, so if you’re visiting them, rest assure we’ll help you find a Shisha Spot :)

Shisha Spots in Europe

Shisha Spots in Europe’s Popular Capital Cities

Amsterdam (Netherlands) Shisha Spot

Wonder Lounge Amsterdam Shisha Spot

Name: Wonder Lounge
Address: Nieuwedndijk 11 1012 LZ Amsterdam, Netherlands
Opening Times: 10am-1am
Shisha Price: ££

Ankara (Turkey) Shisha Spot

Huqqa in Ankara Shisha Spot

Name: Huqqa
Address: Muhsin Yazicioglu Caddesi Protokol Plaza No 39 Çukurambar 06490 Ankara, Turkey
Opening Times: 12pm-1am
Shisha Price: £

Athens (Greece) Shisha Spot

Qassabah in Athens Shisha Spot

Name: Qassabah
Address: Χερσικράτους 8 Zográfou, Greece
Opening Times: 12pm-12am
Shisha Price: ££

Berlin (Germany) Shisha Spot

White Lounge in Berlin Shisha Spot

Name: White Lounge
Address: Goebenstraße 14 – 15 10783 Berlin
Opening Times: 3pm-late
Shisha Price: £

Brussels (Belgium) Shisha Spot

Imanza in Brussels Shisha Spot

Name: Imanza
Address: 5 rue Pletinckx, Place Saint-Géry Brussels, Belgium
Opening Times: 4pm-3am
Shisha Price: ££

Budapest (Hungary) Shisha Spot

Habibi shisha lounge in Budapest Shisha Spot

Name: Habibi
Address: Aranykéz utca 5. Budapest, Hungary
Opening Times: 1pm-1am
Shisha Price: ££

Lisbon (Portugal) Shisha Spot

Tuareg Odivelas Café in Lisbon Shisha Spot

Name: Tuareg Odivelas Café Bar
Address: Rua Vasco Santana Nº 8, Loja Esq. Odivelas
Opening Times: 9pm-2am
Shisha Price: £

Madrid (Spain) Shisha Spot

Hookah Matata in Madrid Shisha Spot

Name: Hookah Matata
Address: c/Dinamarca 12 posterior Fuenlabrada, Madrid, Spain
Opening Times: 4pm-late
Shisha Price: £

Moscow (Russia) Shisha Spot

Shisha City Moscow Shisha Spot

Name: Shisha City
Address: Колокольников переулок, 22с5 Moscow, Russia
Opening Times: 4pm-6am
Shisha Price: £

Paris (France) Shisha Spot

Alchimie in Paris Shisha Spot

Name: Alchimie
Address: 20 Rue de l’Ouest, 75014 Paris, France
Opening Times: 4pm-2am
Shisha Price: ££

Prague (Czech Republic) Shisha Spot

Shisha City Moscow Shisha Spot

Name: Smokehouse
Address: Italská 25 Prague, Czech Republic
Opening Times: 3pm-12am
Shisha Price: ££

Rome (Italy) Shisha Spot

Sciam in Rome Shisha Spot

Name: Sciam
Address: via del pellegrino 55 Rome, Italy
Opening Times: 10am-2am
Shisha Price: £

Vienna (Austria) Shisha Spot

2lounge in Vienna Shisha Spot

Name: 2lounge
Address: Praterstraße 54 Vienna, Austria
Opening Times: 12pm-1am
Shisha Price: ££

Warsaw (Poland) Shisha Spot

Sultan Warsaw Shisha Spot

Name: Sultan Club
Address: Chmielna 35 Warsaw, Poland
Opening Times: Always Open
Shisha Price: £

Zagreb (Croatia) Shisha Spot

Khala in Zagreb Shisha Spot

Name: Khala Bar
Address: Kaptol Centar, Nova Ves 17 Zagreb, Croatia
Opening Times: 8pm-1am
Shisha Price: ££

Before you go travelling

Have you packed your shisha? No we’re being serious. If your an avid shisha lover then get a travel set and enjoy shisha wherever, whenever. Let us help you get started if you have no clue about this.

The Pot:

First you need to find a small shisha pipe that gives the best clouds.. Only one player in the game for this.. MYA Bambino.. Once you’ve used this, you’ll see what the fuss is about!
We found this deal but you could perhaps find others – whats good about this deal, it comes with the carry case so not only can you put the shisha in there but also, flavour, coal etc.

The Hose:

We’d recommend sticking to the Bambino hose, but if you prefer something more hygienic to pass around in a group of friends then you’ll need a few of these disposable pipes from Al Fakher.

The Head:

Bambino’s head works fine but if you want that level above experience then add on a kaloud lotus head and heat management system


You can buy all the top brands from their sites or if you’re lazy then stick to Amazon where you can find SOEX (Yup I know what your thinking, Soex..? Try before you judge..)


Square coconut coal is a must for shisha, but some places you can’t find a proper fire to light them up. This is the ONLY time you could probably be excused for quick light coals. Here’s some decent options:

If you insist on square coals then this could help:

Carry Case:

The Bambino comes with a carry case or if you want something slightly more stylish, then look no further than Fumari’s stylish shisha carrying case

Let us know how you get on with those ;)

Wrap Up

Make sure to bookmark this list and share it with friends who like to travel across Europe! If you would like to recommend a shisha spot in other Capital cities then drop us an email on info@shishaspot.com.

Until next time, stay safe and happy smoking! :)


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