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Havana Shisha Lounge (Birmingham)
Havana Shisha Birmingham
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Havana Shisha Lounge in Birmingham serving up shisha with fruit heads in a arabic lounge theme. They also provide warm Food, Milkshakes and Ice Cream.
General Information
29-30 Warner Street, Digbeth, B12 0JG
07895 767762
15:00pm - 03:00am    
Travel & Parking
Car Park
Shisha Tobacco and Prices
£10 - £15
Capacity, Age Restrictions and Other information
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  • 5th November 2014
    "Came to this place for A quick Sheesha. Took 15 min before Sheesha came. Service is appalling. Bad staff"

    Made by: Mo

  • 27th October 2014
    "This place need to fix up big time. ..owner talking to customers using foul language. Place is filthy.. water is dirty. Poor service. .. People be warned! !! From Birmingham"

    Made by: rana khan

  • 20th March 2014
    "What can I say. Really poor shisha. Place is filthy. Shisha looked like they had never been washed. And flavour didnt taste right. Avoid and try some others in birmingham."

    Made by: ali

  • 21st October 2013
    "Went to Havana lounge a few weeks ago. I've got to say it's by far the most appalling lounge that i have been to in Birmingham. I would strongly advise people not to waste their money on rubbish flavorless sheesha. on top of this, the staff are very very rude,inappropriate and are unprofessional. we had asked for bluemist and they had mixed together two different al-fakher flavors thinking we wouldn't notice. i also found it horrendous to find underage college students there and they had the cheek to ask us for ID. all in all i would definitely give this place a miss."

    Made by: Sonia

  • 11th April 2013
    "im sorry butbthis place hasnthe worst shisha in birmingham. they clearly dont clean the shsha. smoke is thin. amd generally unpleasant. design is nice but shisha is awful. service is poor. u have to ask where your shisha is. and ask ifnu want coal. bad service bad shisha bad place. clearly no idea what shisha should be. and bro u have smoked shisha for 4 years and u think its good. ive smoked shisha fir 20 years. and im telling you that you dont know shisha and havana shisha is worst in brum"

    Made by: ahmed

  • 8th April 2013
    "Amazing place, i dislike most of the lounges because theyr freezing..amazing atmosphere, nicely laid out, the staff are hilarious and sooo helpful, and most importantly toilets r spotless and smell pleasant too Love this place and wd recommend it to to everyone to pop down at least once, u wont b sorry. Downside, they dnt serve warm food :( but cakes and shakes r delicious!"

    Made by: Saeeda

  • 22nd March 2013
    "i strongly diagree with all of you's as i am 19 years old and so are my friends, we did not get in, we even showed them out ID cards and they still said no. Their service was terrible they were just standing there, they made us stand out in the cold for 45 minutes because they were 'checking our ID'. This was appalling, we are old enough. Their owners were looking at us all innapropriately it was a disaster, i would not go there or reccomend this shisha to anyone, mojos is good."

    Made by: emma j

  • 22nd February 2013
    "I agree with Samir... I visited Havana about 2 weeks ago for the first time and I was quite impressed with the layout... It actually looked like an authentic shisha lounge... and the staff were quite friendly... I've been smoking shisha for around 4-5 years and I've been to various shisha places around the world... But I'm sorry to say there wasn't nothing special about Havana's shisha... it also got harsh quite quickly... I noticed that they seemed to re-use the same water in the shisha's... but I'm not 100% on that... No doubt Havana has potential to be the best in Birmingham but they need to improve their flavours and keep on top of their friendly services..."

    Made by: Steven

  • 8th January 2013
    "Strongly disagree with the negative comments. I was there everyday during the opening weeks and most days during the second week. The Shisha is good everytime, best in Birmingham I think and I know this because I've been smoking Shisha for over 4 years. Service is quick whenever I have been there, I have got it within 10 minutes, coal change is also frequent, there is always a worker on hand walking up and down the lounge, maybe you should ask for coal change rather than sitting expecting to get the coal change. As for the flavour of the Shisha, I don't know what you be smoking because I can tell whether or not the Shisha is what I ordered. But the lounge is far from poor eventhough it has just started, infact you are the first I have heard that has complained about the Shisha quality. To conclude, Havana is a really good lounge with both its appearance and shisha. If you feel there is a problem with the Shisha, ask a member of staff - they will solve the problem for you are give you a replacement. If you want coal change, ask the staff who are walking around, they have enough staff to do that. :)"

    Made by: Raza

  • 4th January 2013
    "I've been to many shisha lounges all over the UK, so have a good understanding of the variations between them. I've been to the newly opened Havana Shisha Lounge a few times and it impressed me with its look and atmosphere. The customer base is more of a formal character, and the seating is arranged in an open manner, so there's plenty of space. The music is varied, and isn't loud, so you don't have to shout to have a conversation. However, taking these positives into account, there are negatives. The main being, the actual shisha was not pleasant at all. The shisha had no distinctive flavour, it didn't taste of what we had ordered, and to top it off, the smoke was very thin. It simply wasn't smoking. I had reiterated this problem to the staff, but they were helpless. Every time we've been to this lounge, it has taken a minimum of 25 minutes to get the shisha. The changing of coal wasn't frequent. And this was the case every time we went. To conclude, I feel that Havana Shisha Lounge has potential, but until it improves its shisha and service, it can only be considered a poor lounge."

    Made by: Samir